Garden State Mushrooms CSA Member Policy/Agreement

We ask that all new subscribers please carefully read through the following guidelines for our Garden State Mushrooms CSA program.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a model that was originally based on the idea that people buy a “share” of the farm at the beginning of the season. Which helps the farmer with the costs of running a farm. In exchange, the “share-owners” received fresh, seasonal produce from the farm on a regular basis at a great price. It is based on mutual respect between the customers and the farmers. Our current CSA model is the same but runs year round. The goal of our CSA is to offer our members as many delicious and unique varieties of mushrooms at our cheapest wholesale price. We provide our members more flexibility in when and how much they pay at a time for their subscription since we are a 365 day a year operation. Our current offer is a 14 week mushroom CSA box program with bi weekly drop offs/pick ups. 

-Payments: Farmigo is an awesome user friendly software we use for our CSA. Garden State Mushrooms CSA box members have access to their own online accounts for payments and mushroom selection. We accept payment via Paypal or a physical check, which you can mail or drop off at the farm. You can pay in other ways besides Paypal just simply email if you wish to pay another way that isn't PayPal.


-Communication: We publish a weekly newsletter that CSA members receive via email. Every other Friday at 4pm the newsletter will be emailed. There you can log in to your account and custom select your mushrooms for your CSA box. From Friday at 4pm until Sunday at midnight you can log in and make changes to your CSA box. 

By agreeing to join our CSA, you are also agreeing to read email communications from us including:

  • CSA Updates
  • Special announcements (new items available in CSA store, delivery changes due to holidays, etc.)
  • Site member communication (issues / changes at your site or important communication from your site host)

- Add ons: You have the option for several add on products. They will vary from microgreens, mushroom grow bags, hot sauce, vegetables, mushroom sauce and other cool seasonal products.

-Refund / Credit: If you believe you deserve a credit for poor quality or damaged please email us. We will evaluate cases individually. Be sure to include what day/time you picked up the produce, how it was stored, and pictures if possible.

-How do I get started? Select the size CSA package you like, fill out the required information then when you get our newsletter log in and custom select your mushrooms for your CSA box.

-Cancellation: To cancel your Garden State Mushrooms CSA subscription, send us an email. Please if possible give us at least two weeks notice if you are cancelling.

-Pickup Location Info: Garden State Mushrooms offers paid delivery or at farm pick up. Farm pick up will be at our farm located at '1019 Tuckahoe Road Milmay NJ 08340'. Each has their own dedicated day for pick up and delivery. We ask everyone to follow the following:

    • If you sign up for pick up we will email you available dates and times for pick up. 
    • Please observe the pick-up times carefully.
    • You can switch from pick up to delivery for $5 ($5 per delivery)
    • Text 856-506-7775 for emergencies or pick up changes